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LV-1057 Rīga
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AB Treileri Ltd. is amongst the leaders in the field of heavy and out-of-gage cargo transportation in Latvia. The company has developed an extensive network of routes in Latvia, Europe and CIS countries since 2006. The transportation fleet is improved and increased on annual basis. We have 12 trailers with different dimensions and carrying capacity at our disposal.


- NOOTEBOOM: 27 t, trailer length 11.97 + 4.50 m, width 3.30 m
- FAYMONVILLE: 28 t, trailer length 13.40 + 5.50 m, width 3.30 m
- FAYMONVILLE: 30 t, trailer length 18.06 m, width 3.05 m
- NOOTEBOOM: 30 t, trailer length 12.85 m, width 3.05 m
- ES-GE: 40 t, trailer length 20.75 m, width 3.45 m
- MÖSLEIN: 45 t, trailer length 19.34 m, width 3.05 m
- KING: 76 t, trailer length 18.35 m, width 3.75 m

We offer transportation of an agricultural machinery, a construction technic (cranes, drills etc.), a quarrying equipment, an industrial cargo, a modular houses, a windmills, a boats and other types of heavy and oversized cargo.

Thanks to the experience accumulated through many years and the high customer service standards SIA AB Treileri provides safe services operative to the utmost degree to its clients:
- Formalities of all types of documents
- Validation of documents at the responsible authorities, if necessary
- Obtaining of special permits
- Truck convoy

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