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HCT AUTOMOTIVE SIA: الخدمات التي تقدمها الشركة

  • معدات مستخدمة
  • معدات جديدة
  • إيجار
  • إصلاح
  • قطع الغيار
  • ملحقات
  • النقل

Represented brands

  • Tadano Faun
  • Kobelco

وصف الشركة

HCT AUTOMOTIVE was established 20 years ago. Since then the company has enlarged from a small apartment in Antonijas Street into a big complex of several buildings in Tīraines Street – with storehouses, tires service, mechanical workshop, as well as the shop with wide offer of garage equipment and tools.

One of the most important branches of our company is trade of new and used cranes, delivery of spare parts, repair and technical service of the cranes. It has become quite popular in Latvia and Lithuania and ESTONIA .

In 2003, acting upon the proposal of the German cranes factory TADANO FAUN, we begun cooperating in trade ,service of these cranes in Latvia. Our successful business resulted in attributing to our company the dealer’s certificate of TADANO FAUN in Latvia and Lithuania which was expanded also to Estonia in 2007. Today we are proud to be representatives of the label TADANO FAUN - one of the best cranes factories in the world.

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    كلمات أساسية

    • mobile crane
    • allterain
    • access platforms
    • personal lifts
    • autocrane
    • Raupenkrane
    • Tracked cranes
    • vehicle cranes
    • Scissor lift
    • Truck Work Platforms

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    HCT AUTOMOTIVE SIA تمثل العلامات التجارية التالية: Tadano Faun، NIFTY LIFT، HCT TECHNOLOGY، SICAM، Kobelco.

    هذه الشركة متخصصة في mobile crane، allterain، access platforms، personal lifts، autocrane، Raupenkrane، Tracked cranes، vehicle cranes، Scissor lift، Truck Work Platforms.