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  • معدات جديدة

Represented brands

  • Pöttinger
  • Kirchner

وصف الشركة

Company Zupan - TRADE d. o. o. It was founded 17. 12. 1992. After the establishment we first dealt with the representation of foreign companies on the Slovenian market and Slovenian exports of agricultural machinery manufacturers.

The site is a sales program consisted mainly sell galvanized tanks and manure slurry trosilcev hlevksega manure and mineral fertilizer brand Kirchner and sale of drum mowers Czech Republic Brand CTR.

Already in the autumn of 1993, we are in the sales program included the sale of a tractor connections Pöttinger, which successfully represent today.

Company Pottinger is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of agricultural machinery in Europe. Slovenian farmers we have access to sophisticated agricultural machinery. This was followed by the agency for the round Ferguson and ovijalce Elho.

In 1993, the Slovenian and international public debut at the Agri-Food Fair (AGRA) in Gornja Radgona, which is still regularly attend. From the very beginning, which dates back to 1995, was also present at an agricultural fair in Komenda, for which we are in 2010 received a special award organizers.

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      • kmetijska mehanizacija
      • Vrtavkasti obračalniki
      • Plugi
      • Kosilnice
      • Rahljalniki
      • Vrtavkaste brane
      • Sejalnice silokombajn plug
      • mulčer mulčerji brana cistrna
      • cisterne silažna prikolica
      • Kirchner Pottinger

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