Wahlers Forsttechnik GmbH

Max-Schmeling-Str. 6
27389 Stemmen
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WAHLERS Forsttechnik is a north german company, which is known since 75 years for reliability, innovation and quality.
Since the foundation in the year 1934 by Johann Wahlers, there was a contious enhancement. By developing the RAEUMFIX in 1974 and the TUIKO in 1986 made WAHLERS known nationwide and further. Introducing the BIBER in 1989 WAHLERS started in Haversterbusiness.
Since 1993 WAHLERS Forsttechnik is general distributor of the finnish company PONSSE, which is producing the best harvesters and forwarders. The strong demand and the excellent reputation of the company WAHLERS Forsttechnik leads to the foundation of another service center located in Uffenheim in 1999. WAHLERS Forsttechnik was able to advance the service and the operational availability by opening the new workshop also in southern Germany.

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