Building No. 2, Nefertity Buildings
Mahmoud Esmat Hamdy Street

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Tyron are the innovators of the 'well filler' wheel safety band. Founded in 1979, Tyron developed, in conjunction with Avon Tyres, the first commercially available products for steel drop centre rims as a direct result of a request from the Ministry of Defence to overcome the immobilisation of vehicles by aggressive deflation of their tyres.

These first 'well filler' bands were sold throughout the world, primarily to military, government and security organisations.

In 1984 Tyron allowed their patented well filler bands to be manufactured under licence. The same product was sold by licensees under the name 'Tyron' for retail use and Tyrelock for military, government and security customers. Some were also sold under the name 'Runflat Bands'. Late in 1990 Tyron's agreements with its licensees came to an end.

Through 1991/3 the Tyron undertook intensive redesign and development programs in conjunction with a number of vehicle, wheel and tyre manufacturers. A substantial investment was made in modern tooling to produce an expanded the range and incorporating the latest production methods.

From 1993 a redesigned and much improved Tyron band was produced, manufactured to finer tolerances and within the scope of ISO9000. The new bands being substantially lighter, easier to fit and corrosion resistant.

The fixings of all current Tyron bands comply with DIN specifications and have been developed so that spares are universally available off the shelf.

Utilising efficient manufacturing processes we are now able to supply an extensive range of Tyron bands at economical prices. Manufactured only in the UK and marketed exclusively under the 'TYRON' trademark these new bands supersede all earlier designs.

Through 1995/6 further development produced a new range of heavy duty but lightweight bands for truck wheels, from 17.5" to 22.5" diameter.

Early in 1997 Tyron added Extended Runflat Systems to its product range, providing the most comprehensive choice of 'Get-out', 'Runflat' and wheel 'Safety' products, technology and expertise within the wheel security industry.

With fast delivery from stock, an extensive aftersales and service network, approvals with military, vehicle, tyre and wheel manufacturers, the Tyron continues to lead the field in civilian and military wheel safety, security and runflat systems and solutions.


To meet the changing needs of the automotive industry the Tyron Group continuously develops new well filler band designs, for military, commercial and civilian use, for steel, alloy, tubeless and tubed wheel assemblies.

As more vehicles use alloy wheels and lower profile tyres design emphasis has been to produce lighter weight bands, while increasing strength and durability. Today's bands must cope with the stresses imposed by a 150mph blowout, when fitted to a high performance alloy wheel and low profile tyre assembly, for example on a Police Traffic Patrol vehicle. Lightweight remains a critical factor the latest heavy trucks, despite maximum truck weights exceeding 38 tonnes.

For its latest easy to fit heavy Truck band range, the Tyron Group has achieved approvals and acceptance by truck manufacturers as well as tyre and wheel (steel and alloy) manufacturers

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