VAEX Truck Trading B.V.

De Verver 4a
5371 MZ Ravenstein
(المنطقة: Zuid-Holland)
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VAEX Truck Trading B.V.: أحدث الإعلانات

VAEX Truck Trading B.V.: الخدمات التي تقدمها الشركة

  • معدات مستخدمة
  • إيجار

Represented brands

  • Scania
  • Volvo
  • DAF
  • MAN
  • Renault

وصف الشركة

In addition to the trade in piglets and cattle, the VAEX Group is also engaged in company car trading. This finds its origin in providing vehicles for the transport of livestock and the company has meanwhile developed into a fully-fledged vehicle trader. VAEX Truck Trading has built up a large network with numerous contacts, transporters and traders. The company has a large range of used vehicles and business equipment.

Thanks to the reliable national and international contacts that have been established through the years, VAEX is flexible and prompt in its operations. One of the specialities of the company is trading vehicles suitable for transporting livestock. A total of three employees are engaged in this discipline fulltime. In addition, the team is given administrative support by the company.

Own workshop
The vehicles are inspected in Reek, where the company has its own workshop. Multiple engineers ensure that the vehicles on offer are all in a proper condition. In addition to purchase and sale of vehicles, they can also be rented.

منتجات الشركة

  • VAEX Truck Trading is always interested in buying used trucks. We are specialized in selling and buying cattle trucks, but also other transport equipment.
  • VAEX Truck Trading: The SCANIA T-cab specialist in Europe!

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    • veetransport
    • livestock
    • Viehtransport
    • Animale Vii
    • Torpedo
    • Tcab
    • Hauber

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