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UrbaCon Trading & Contracting Company LLC, also known as UCC, is a Qatari based international construction services company and a leading grade one licensed builder. Our impressive construction footprint in Qatar is led by our ever growing pool of trained professionals. With over 4,718 experts and 33,812 tradesmen coupled with more than 2,143 plants and machines, we mobilize ample resources on the spot and meet demanding schedules.

The success of our company is not only due to our highly capable team and vast resources; it is also a result of UCC’s unique, fast-track strategies that streamline design and construction milestones, unlike any other traditional building construction undertaking. At UCC, we engage in parallel activities for design, procurement, and construction. As a result, we deliver projects with innovative solutions, in shorter time periods, and exceed our clients’ expectations. This strategy is both fundamental and paramount to our business model as it builds trust, which is at the cornerstone of our core values.

Our reputation for delivering robust turn-key services and high-quality developments is driven by our commitment to building neighborhoods and enhancing the community at large. We are dedicated to Qatar's National Vision of 2030 and aim to fulfill our contribution through UCC’s continued relationships with our clients, customers, and the community.

To lead the construction industry across the MENA region while building and sustaining our reputation of long-term trusted relationships, innovative solutions, and exceeding client expectations.

To continuously build on UCC’s foundations of quality and trust by working together with our partners to construct innovative developments that bring prosperity to our clients, customers, and the community.

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