TVW Fuel Trucks

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3500 Hasselt
(المنطقة: Limburg)
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TVW FUEL TRUCKS, your full-service partner in tankers

TVW FUEL TRUCKS supplies new and second-hand tankers. We have two, three and four axle tankers, tractors, tank semi-trailers and tank trailers.

TVW FUEL TRUCKS is also your full-service partner in tankers, offering the following services.

TVW FUEL TRUCKS co-operates with you to work out an ideal payment formula that meets the needs of the customer.

For the Belgian market, the sale of all vehicles includes the required inspections. Thus, there is no additional bother for the customer regarding:
1.) Technical inspection
2.) ADR inspection
3.) Metrological inspection
4.) Tachograph calibration
5.) Certification of pressure-test of the tank
6.) Certification of braking retarder

Painting and lettering
Each vehicle sold can also be quickly repainted and lettered at competitive prices.

Renting and leasing
TVW FUEL TRUCKS also has a number of vehicles that can be leased for short and/or long periods. Lease agreements can include a purchase option.

When one or more vehicles are purchased, TVW FUEL TRUCKS can take trade-ins in consultation with the buyer.

As a full-service partner we do all we can to provide excellent service.

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