Thrustboring Construction Co.

P.O Box 172
2nd Industrial City on New Dammam-Abqaiq Highway

31411 Dammam
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Thrustboring Construction Company Ltd. {TCC.} as one of the top leading Companies for Trenchless Technology works that was established on 1998 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
TCC. is a part of Tamimi Group of Companies, One of the largest Private Organizations in Saudi Arabia. Tamimi Group was established on 1953 operating in many fields that have led to its present status as a wide spectrum construction, contracting, commercial & manufacturing Group of Companies.
TCC. offers onshore and offshore services with wide range of Micro Tunneling Techniques (200mm – 300mm) and Horizontal Direction Drilling methods (4Inc – 56 Inc). We have technical support services with International Companies specialized in the same field like Drill Tec. Germany, FlowTex Egypt & Herrenknecht Germany. In addition to Saudi Arabia operations, we have executed major projects in neighboring countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Oman & Egypt.

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      P.O Box 172، 2nd Industrial City on New Dammam-Abqaiq Highway، 31411 Dammam، السعودية
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