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Stevens Implement Co. is your source for new and used tractors, combines, implements and lawn care equipment. We are a Gold Star John Deere dealer for Illinois with 2 locations to serve you, in Petersburg and Havana.

Our goal is to help customers increase efficiency and yields through a complete and integrated system of tractors, planters, tillage equipment, applicators, sprayers, and harvesting equipment. John Deere can tie this equipment together with advanced guidance and monitoring technology so that the farm operator can focus on generating greater yield. Today’s equipment and technology lets farmers get more done in a day, with enhanced safety and lower fatigue. Other advancements make changing crops and implements easier for farmers. Yet, the changes in technology have also made computer diagnostics a necessity. One of the exciting advancements coming in 2011 is remote diagnostics. A Stevens Implement Co. technician will be will be able to access diagnostic information from the office, while the customer’s equipment remains in his shed thus adding efficiency to the customer’s service needs. The tractors' locations are also known at any time through GPS tracking. Of course Stevens Implement Co. will continue to offer on-farm services for area farmers.

Future Goals: The farming industry continues to prosper, as agriculture will always be a necessity at home and abroad. Advances in farming have increased productivity and saved vast amounts of time, while also reducing quantities of fuel and chemicals. The Stevens family plans to continue to offer their friendly and dependable service to their much-appreciated customers throughout central Illinois. They also plan to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies through their John Deere affiliation and ongoing training and education of staff.

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  • Contact Stevens Implement Co. for all your equipment servicing needs.
  • Stevens Implement Co. - The Best Support in Precision AG!

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