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Hazeldonk 6262
4836 LG Breda
(المنطقة: Noord-Brabant)
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RMR shipping is a shipping company with many years of experience in importing and exporting used vans, trucks, tractors and equipment. RMR has monthly a RoRo line from Antwerp/Harwich/Dublin/Hamburg to Lagos/Takoradi/Abidjan. As a well respected agent, RMR is closely working with the local port authorities and is working very hard to give their clients an optimal service all over the world. Please feel free to ask for detailed information our services and destinations.

Tin Can, Lagos is our main port of arrival western africa and RMR has its own crew on the Tin Can port facilities to look after the shipped merchandise. Additional RMR is working on a number of new markets to ship the goods of their clients all over western africa. Numerous clients have come to make use of our services after the introduction of the conventional and RoRo vessels and our damage reports are much less than on usual truck or van shipments.

In Lagos tin can port we can depend on a crew of experienced dock workers who have been trained by RMR to unload the goods with efficient harbour facilities to make sure that your trucks and vans reach their destination. All our vessels are equiped with a great infrastructure to unload the merchandise.

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