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Via Mediterraneo, 6
42022 Boretto
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Next Hydraulics was set up at the beginning of 1989. The two founding shareholders, still leading the company today, decided to break the typical cliché of former employees who resolve to become self-employed to manufacture, in competition, the same products made by the companies they used to work for. Thanks to their long time experience in the field of hydraulics and lifting equipments, they chose instead to design, develop and manufacture new products not yet available on the market, for which they perceived a growing demand.
Thus was born the range of MAXISTAB supplementary outriggers, and subsequently the range of MAXILIFT telescopic cranes, which became and still remains the global benchmark in their respective fields.
The company has achieved and maintained the ISO 9001 certification since 1995, always with TUV-CERT.

In 1996 began the production of COBRA service cranes, designed for North America and Asia-Pacific markets, standing out above the existing products thanks to its several technical and manufacturing innovations.

Next Hydraulics moved its premises in 1999, and is currently located in Boretto, close to Reggio Emilia.

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