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N. Feldman & Son Ltd. Was founded in 1934 as a family company. The company grew and developed side by side with the founders of the Jewish settlement in Israel and during the years the company became one of the motivating forces in the country's development. Currently, almost 80 years after it's foundation, N. Feldman & Son is a public company, regarded as one of the main factors in the marketing of tractors and agricultural equipment, construction, crushing and screening machines, handling material , lubricants and spare parts.

A long tradition of lasting excellence, service and credibility has given the company a broad infrastructure of faithful customers, some of which are representing a third generation of working relations.

The board of directors is headed by Mr. Ran Eisenberg, the General manger is Mr. Gideon Feldman (3rd generation of the company's founders), and the Executive vice president is Mr. Aharon Harel.

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