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  • معدات جديدة

Represented brands

  • Grabež Grajfer Greifer Chwytak
  • GRABILICE - Грейфер - PINZAS

وصف الشركة

We come from the heart of the green land.

Where we come from, the people are deeply connected to nature.
We believe that even the most challenging of tasks can be accomplished with respect for nature.

Limiting the possibility of hydraulic oil leaking to the environment
to a minimum is our absolute requirement.
Tell us and we will find best tools for you!

Why choose Modularis?

- With our tools, your machine will become multi-functional and more profitable.
- The construction of the MODULARIS Universal Multi-functional Grapple is designed to completely protect the mechanism and hydraulic system.
- Due to the innovative KGL hydraulic Swivel Hydrmotor and hydraulic system you can achieve a better grip and rotation as well as a more precise control.
- Designed for reliable gripping, safe work and quick replacement.
- Lower fuel consumption due to the lighter construction and greater power.
- Ecological execution as it reduces the chance of hydraulic oil spilling into the environment.
- Safe purchase, guarantee and try before you buy option.

منتجات الشركة

  • Modularis drive fits most brands of machines:
    Komatsu, JCB, Volvo, Terex and others.
  • Modularis Antrieb passend für die meisten Marken von Maschinen:
    Komatsu, JCB, Volvo, Terex und andere.
  • Grabbles - Grabble - Greifer - Greifers - Pinze - Pinzas - Gtijper - Grijpers - Grappin - Grappins - Грейфер - Grabulje - Grabilica - Grabilice - Grajfer - Grajferi - Chwytaki - Gripar - Drapáky
  • Grabež - Grajfer - Greifer - Markolók - Grappin -Pinze - Pnzas - Garras - Grijpers - Gripere - Gribere - Gripar - Grapples - Haaratsid - Лесной захват - Chwytaki - Lodní háky - Grapple

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    كلمات أساسية

    • Grabež grabeži grajfer
    • Greifer Greifere
    • Multifunktionsgreifer
    • Chwytaki Лесной захват Gribere
    • Grapple Grapples Gripar Garras
    • Грейфер Лесной захват
    • Grappin Pinze Pinzas Haaratsid
    • Grijpers grijper grijpers
    • Pinze construzioni pinzas
    • Grabilica grabilice Grabulje

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