Mestebeld Trucks B.V.

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(المنطقة: Overijssel)
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Mestebeld Trucks B.V. is a company which was established in 1937, by Mr. G.J. Mestebeld. Later the company was taken over by 2 of his sons and nowadays the company is run by the 3rd generation of the family.

Mestebeld Trucks B.V. has built up a good name over many years in the supply of used lorries and their components.

The strength of Mestebeld Trucks B.V. lies in the fact that they offer a fully comprehensive service. You buy a truck and/or components and Mestebeld Trucks B.V. will, if required, take care of transport to the port, shipment and all additional documents. We are also happy for you to manage all these arrangements yourself.

All trucks which come in new are immediately registered on the internet by us, and all sold trucks are immediately removed from the internet. This way our website is always up to date and you as a customer will know what we actually have in stock.

Should you still have any questions after your visit to our website, then please feel free to contact us, without obligation, on the stated phone numbers.

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