JCE Co., Ltd. / 株式会社ジェイシーイー

252-0336神奈川県 Kanagawa
Sagamihara city, Minami-ku, Taima 2650-8
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JCE Co., Ltd. / 株式会社ジェイシーイー: أحدث الإعلانات

JCE Co., Ltd. / 株式会社ジェイシーイー: الخدمات التي تقدمها الشركة

  • معدات مستخدمة
  • معدات جديدة

Represented brands

  • Telestack
  • Komplet
  • Portafill
  • Keestrack

وصف الشركة

JCE was founded in 1984.
In all ages, it is important to make good use of the things, and now "Recycling of resources" has become more required than ever.
Based on our extensive business experience and achievement for the used construction equipments and environment recycling machines, we have furnished the customers with high quality products of reasonable prices at the right moment.
We will keep providing advanced brand-new/used construction and recycling machines, and customer-oriented technical support service for years to come.
We sincerely look forward to your continued business in the future.

JCE Co., Ltd. / 株式会社ジェイシーイー: إعلانات التجار على موقع ماسكوس

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    كلمات أساسية

    • Crushers
    • Screeners
    • Belt Conveyors
    • Demolition Machines
    • Soil improvement machines
    • Recycling and enviroment
    • Spare parts
    • Screent
    • Attachment

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    JCE Co., Ltd. / 株式会社ジェイシーイー تمثل العلامات التجارية التالية: Telestack، Komplet، Portafill، Keestrack.

    هذه الشركة متخصصة في Crushers، Screeners، Belt Conveyors، Demolition Machines، Soil improvement machines، Recycling and enviroment، Spare parts، Screent، Attachment.