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السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT
23,183 EUR
105,000 PLN
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT
23,183 EUR
105,000 PLN
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الماركة/الطرازJohnston CX201 road sweeper JOHNSTON CX201
سنة الصنع2014
Mascus ID1D85D6A3
اختيار عملة
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT23,183 EUR  (105,000 PLN)
ضريبة المبيعات (23%)5,332 EUR
السعر شامل ضريبة VAT28,515 EUR  (129,150 PLN)
الوزن القائم5,250 كج
ناتج المحرك62 kW (84 حصان)
السرعة القصوى50 كيلومتر/الساعة
فئة الانبعاثيورو 5
Tyre brandContinental Velocity
مقاس الإطار الأماميContiRV20 6.50R10
مقاس الإطار الخلفيContiRV20 225/75R10
ملحقاتتكييف الهواء, كاسحة دوارة, خرطوم شفط الهواء
معلومات أخرىSweeper JOHNSTON CX201 from the Year 2014

Type of machine: road sweeper
Machine brand: JOHNSTON
Reference: CX201
Condition: Used
Serial number:
Manufacture year: 2014
Meter reading (mth): +/- 12120 mth
Total Machine Weight (kg): 4500 kg
Permissible Gross Weight (kg): 5250 kg
Engine type: engine diesel brand VM Motori R754EU5, 05D / 9 Euro 5 standard
Engine - Common Rail with a capacity of 2970cm3 4 cylinders turbocharged with intercooler
Power (kW) / (HP): 62 kW / 84 HP
Machine drive: hydrostatic
Sweeping width (m): 2.30 m


•The sweeper meets the requirements PM10 dust standards
•The machine has two independent rotating brushes for sweeping
•The total water capacity of the sweeper is approximately +/- 152 liters
•The tank is about +/- 1.8 m3
•Maximum machine speed 50km / h
•Machine capacity around +/- 36800m kw / h


•Closed operator cab
•Double cabin
•Glazed cabin floor with a view to the brushes
•Manual air conditioning
•Adjustable steering wheel
•Pneumatically adjustable driver seat
•cigarette lighter socket
•On-board computer
•diagnostic connector
•Factory radio Johnston CT410 AMS RDS with card slot
•Two independent rotating brushes sprinkled on hydraulically controlled booms
•High-pressure washer with lance KARCHER
•Leaf vacuum cleaner
•Road and work lighting
•Additional work lighting on the brushes
•LED daytime running lights
•Flashing light
•Windshield wiper
•Left and right outside mirror
•Rear view camera
•Tires axle I Continental Velocity ContiRV20 6.50R10
•Tires axle II Continental Velocity ContiRV20 225 / 75R10

An invoice will be issued for the machine
The possibility of organizing convenient financing, credit, leasing! ! !

I encourage you to watch by appointment !!!

Interested please contact :
Mark +48 730 853 222

Six pieces street sweepers JOHNSTON CX201 are available on square
There are 6 JOHNSTON CX201 sidewalk and street sweepers available on site

> Bj 2014 - 3 pieces
> Bj 2015 - 3 pieces

• The work pumps in all machines maintain a pressure of 190-200 bar
• The mileage of the sweepers is about +/- 6000 mth
• 3 machines have additional working lighting on the roof (i.e. lightbar)
• 3 machines from 2015 year are equipped with an additional camera on the front roof

Additionally, it is possible to purchase JOHNSTON sidewalk and street sweepers for parts

> Sweeper from 2011 - for the price of PLN 20,000 net (partially disassembled)
> Sweeper from 2013 - for the price of PLN 50,000 net (partially disassembled)
> Sweeper from 2012 - for the price of PLN 65,000 net

See more machines on our website - WWW


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تم وضع إعلان Johnston CX201 road sweeper JOHNSTON CX201 كناسات على موقع ماسكوس، السوق العالمي للمعدات المستعملة تفاصيل - ساعات الاستخدام: 12,120 h, الوزن القائم: 5,250 كج, محرك: ديزل, ناتج المحرك: 62 kW (84 حصان), Handling: للجلوس, السرعة القصوى: 50 كيلومتر/الساعة, فئة الانبعاث: يورو 5, Tyre brand: Continental Velocity, مقاس الإطار الأمامي: ContiRV20 6.50R10, مقاس الإطار الخلفي: ContiRV20 225/75R10, ملحقات: تكييف الهواء, كاسحة دوارة, خرطوم شفط الهواء