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GI-PA® worked for several years as agent for main producers of spare parts for tractors and earth moving machines, starting from the well known industrial undercarriage systems up to the current spare parts.
In the years GI-PA® shifted from the agent's business up to a wide range distribution of parts for the most important brands, working mainly with the Genuine parts.

Now we are working 50% with Genuine parts, 30% with OEM parts and 20% with GI-PA® aftermarket brands.
We always take care of the quality. We do not want to distribute unreliable parts. We do not want to make customers unhappy for the low quality.
Now in 2013 we are present on the market since 43 years, we have main office in center of Varese, North of Italy, close to Swiss borderline and we have a logistic system out of the town. This is a brief history of GI-PA® so far, a summary of our past 41 years, a good premise for the future development.

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