GBM Shoring & Scaffolding

Via Alessandro Volta, 1
25024 Porzano di Leno
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GBM Shoring & Scaffolding: الخدمات التي تقدمها الشركة

  • معدات مستخدمة
  • معدات جديدة
  • قطع الغيار
  • ملحقات
  • النقل

Represented brands

  • GBM Shoring & Scaffolding
  • GBM Building Equipment
  • Goffi Jolly

وصف الشركة

GBM Shoring & Scaffolding has been producing Scaffolding Systems, Shoring Props & Building Equipment in Italy since 1954, always innovating and looking for the most effective and efficient solutions for the building site. The large range of GBM outcome and its flexibility, offer to the customer solutions for standard and customized applications.

Obviously, we offer high quality products at competitive prices.

All products are tested in the laboratories of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and receive the certification according to DIN EN 1065: 1998-12.
We kindly invite you to visit our web site , where you will find more about us and take an overview of the wide range of our products.

منتجات الشركة

  • Shoring props, scaffolding, h20 beams, shuttering panels, forks, tripods, accessories. New and secondhand items.

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    • ponteggio usato nuovo
    • puntelli usati nuovi
    • shoring props new used
    • h20 beams
    • shuttering panels
    • slab system
    • Etais
    • echafaudage
    • andamios y puntales
    • schela schele skela skele popi

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