Franki Foundations

2, Avenue Edgard Frankignoul
1480 Saintes
(المنطقة: Waals-Brabant)
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With more than a century of experience, Franki Foundations Belgium, following in the footsteps of the founder Edgard Frankignoul, offers a complete range of optimised foundation solutions rooted in a tradition of distinction since 1909.
Franki Foundations maintains an impressive list of references from domestic and international clients in the private and public sectors: from the design to the implementation of foundation work for companies, civil works and projects of all kinds.

Franki Foundations is market leader in Belgium and has been so for a significant number of years.
Its subsidiary companies are currently active on prestigious projects in different countries: Atlas Fondations in France (with offices in Paris and Lezennes, near Lille, northern France), Franki Grondtechnieken in the Netherlands, Franki Foundations UK in the United Kingdom (with offices in London and Southampton), Franki Foundations Luxembourg in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Franki Foundations UAE in the United Arab Emirates and Franki Foundations Qatar in Qatar.
Together, 250 motivated people carry out some 450 building projects each year.
All branches have been issued an International Standards certificate (ISO 9001 for quality management) and a Safety, Health and Environment certificate (SCC - VCA – LSC).

We would like to get to know the needs of our customers in the right way and research, design and implement a solution tailored to their objectives. To this end, the company has a broad palette of foundation technology for the realization of deep foundations, retaining walls, containment of polluted sites, redevelopment and/or soil improvement, injection works, renovation of existing foundations and the coordination of related activities.

Our customers come from the most diverse groups: Franki Foundations has catered quality to private persons and companies across the board, including contractor companies, property developers and governmental organisations.

We often act as subcontractor, but we also have the necessary capacity and the highest classification (class 8) to fulfil the role of general contractor and partner in major projects.
Franki Foundations has a very extensive range of multi-purpose machinery – from the most powerful to the most versatile machines – adapted to all environmental and / or soil conditions.

Franki’s approach not only includes the construction of foundations, but know-how, expertise and support are also offered.
Our added value to obtain the best suitable solution includes:
experienced engineers
thorough project analysis
insight and knowledge concerning standards and local soil conditions
own survey and research department
dimensioning and calculation by our own research service, eventually supported by an external specialized research office
specialised computing and calculation software developed in-house
a professional partner for clients, consultancy firms and building inspectors
execution of the approved foundation solution according to the ISO 9001 certified installation procedures
Based on this philosophy, Franki Foundations has realized thousands of projects since its establishment.

This Web site introduces our company, its organization, our products and references to you.

Have a look under the heading Health, Safety & Management System (HSQMS) to see the illustration of our active, continuous and persistent efforts regarding safety and quality.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our companies to take care of your project.

We are more than happy to help you on your way and develop the most optimal foundation solution for you.

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