Fordaq S.A.

Avenue Louise 475
1050 Brussel
(المنطقة: Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest)
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Fordaq manages the leading online market for wood professionals.More than 110,000 wood professionals (log producers, sawmills, veneer mills, panel producers, importers and large industrial users) have chosen to become members of the Fordaq network. Many of the largest wood companies in Europe are members of Fordaq. Fordaq has offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Croatia, Romania, Poland and China. We visit as many members as possible so as to guarantee you can do real business with serious timber companies.These companies have access via our website to the following services:
The Marketplace: online market that they use to communicate offers and inquiries, check offers and inquiries of other companies. This market is used to make new supplier or client contacts, check out how the market is moving (prices and stocks), compare prices.
The Directory: online directory of addresses.
The Postman: daily email with summary of inquiries and offers of the previous day that are relevant for your business.
Market info: daily industry news, calendar of log auctions across Europe, results of log auctions, info on trade shows and events.
Custom Data: Largest database of import and export transactions in the wood industry worldwide. You can check who exports or imports which wood products in North America, Russia, Ukraine, China, UK, South Korea and a large part of South America. All of this data is organized with Fordaq's revolutionary filtering tools.
Customer support: a team of multilingual wood specialists that follow what is happening on our market and can help you benefit from your access. If you want background information on another member, tips on how to do better business with Fordaq or have any other question our team is at your disposal.
All contacts between member companies happen directly without us acting as intermediary. Fordaq only lives from subscriptions fees paid by its members. This guarantees that you can do business as you want without any intermediaries thus gaining time and money!The Fordaq website is visited by more than 30,000 companies every day. Traffic on our website is growing at an average rate of 10% per month. Every day more companies understand the incredible value provided by Fordaq and join Fordaq! With Fordaq checking how the market is moving (prices and stocks), making new contacts worldwide, checking buyer inquiries and supplier offers, making your company and its business better known around the world becomes a matter of minutes.

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