3303 Gomilsko
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Please allow us to introduce us briefly as follows:

We are prosperous company with the inherited tradition of quality which is continuosly improved
and extended, following all european trends and fulfilling all european standards.

We produce:

components and spare parts for all range of oil and gass burners for the german company INTERCAL Waermetechnik GmbH
BREAD-slicer DOMINA (BREADCUTTER), production of components, spare parts and finishing/assembling

Beside producing we are occupied also with sale of:

workmachines, trucks, cars, van (excavator, forklifts, roller, dumper, scissor lift…)
heating system
BREADCUTTER DOMINA and spare parts , we offer also complete maintanance
Ekofireplaces on bioethanol.

Our philosophy is knowledge and improvement which reflect in quality of our business/operation and also in our products. Therefore we can assure you that your expectations and wishes would be fulfilled to our mutual satisfaction.

We kindly invite you to visit us on our location - in our company.

Our businesscard:

Fiš d.o.o.
Šentrupert 6, 3303 Gomilsko, SLOVENIA

منتجات الشركة

  • Fiš Trucks and machinery is specialized in buying and selling of second hand and new material: tractor-heads, trucks, vans, cars and machines.
    You can always find more then 100 vehicles in stock

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    • rabljeni kamioni prikolice
    • rabljeni delovni stroji
    • mini damperji
    • bager Nante
    • rabljeni viličarji viličar
    • tractor truck tipper truck
    • stake body truck used truck
    • used forklift platform roller

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