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FINDRI Ltd. since 1998 began servicing, and a few years later and with the sale of tractor sprayer. We represent the company Hardi-International, which produces sprinklers and atomizer. A few years later become the representative of the company that produced the spreader fertilizer spreader. The third program, which present the agri-meteorological station company Pessl Instruments. Equipment for precision farming manufactured by Ag Leader complete the whole with sprayers and spreaders fertilizer.

For each of the above top-quality products, we have organized a quality service which we consider a prerequisite for successful business with our customers. The trust you place in us we will surely justified. In everyday work we care about customer satisfaction, and our current customers are the best recommendation for us. For all these reasons, when purchasing equipment and contact us to have our offer. By choosing us as a partner certainly will not go wrong.

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