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ENERGO-PRO is a private electricity distribution and power supply company and generator of electricity from renewable energy sources. The company has 18 years of experience in the energy sector and develops its business in four countries: the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia.

ENERGO-PRO owns 39 hydro electric plants in Central and Eastern Europe. It has proven experience in management, construction and operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of electricity distribution grids and hydro electric power plants and in trading and supply of electric power.

ENERGO-PRO was founded in the Czech Republic in 1994.

The company is on the Bulgarian energy market since 2000 and today is the biggest private generator of electricity from hydro electric power plants in Bulgaria.

ENERGO-PRO is the owner of 8 hydro electric power plants in the country, grouped in three cascades – Sandanska Bistritsa cascade, Koprinka cascade and Petrohan cascade.

Since June 2012 ENERGO-PRO has taken over the distribution and supply of electricity in Northeastern Bulgaria.

The major goal of the company is to enhance the level and improve the reliability of the grid with the help of professional and result oriented investments in rehabilitation and modernization.

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