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Uzay Çağı Cd. No: 44 06374 Ostim

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Delkom, aspiring to give high quality service in all fields we invest, is maintaining to be one of the leading firms of Turkey, with our dynamic and experienced staff, strong financial resources and our high quality services.

We are ensuring our place in 21st century’s globalizing economy with our high quality products and our synergy.

Delkom’s missons are to offer solutions regarding to our customers’ business needs and grow up by using our privilleged service understanding. Delkom will sustain this growth within a balance and keeping its trustworthiness.

Delkom bring into ISO 9001:2008 ( Quality management System) and CE document to prove how much we care about what we do. Delkom reached the respect that it deserve in its sector and became a company which gives direction to the market.

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      Uzay Çağı Cd. No: 44 06374 Ostim، OSB/Yenimahalle، Ankara، تركيا
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