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Celikel agricultural machinery company was established by Mr. Muhsin TÜRKMEN in Boğazlıyan district of Yozgat in 1962. Our enterprise that began to manufacture plough included cultivator machine into its product range in 1985 and so entered into a development period. Our enterprise moved its producing plants to Konya that is an industrial city both to closely follow developing technologies and the manufacture more quality and different kind products in 1992.

Our enterprise that has been manufacturing cultivator machines and spiral in various size in Konya until 1998 considered the lack of mechanization in livestock sector in 1998 and gave importance to produce machine and equipment to remove those lacking; at the end of this action, it manufactured Maize Chopper; Drum Mover and Forage Harvester and complex and combine machines that can perform many works at the same time. The obtained success at the manufacturing of those machines encouraged our company to produce new products. At the end of this encouragement, Alfalfa Planting Machine that can perform spreading plannig has been presented to service of out farmer for the first time in Turkey in 2002 and Feed Crushing Machine has been presented to service of our farmer for the first time in Turkey 2003.

Our company that began to manufacture Mixer Feeder Wagons in various sizes in 2008 finally added Cow Brush Machine to its product range and continued to forward.

Our enterprise is still continuing to present service to our farmers through its product range including Maize Choppers, Forage Harvesters, Drum Mowers, Feed Crushing Machines, Bale Loading Machines, Leveling Blades, Row independent maize choppers, Mixer Feeder Wagons and Cow Brush Machines. Also; it’s research – development and feasibility activities and studies about other machines which will provide time and labor saving to livestock enterprises are still continuing. Çelikel branded products have been spread to a large market including farmers and livestock enterprises in nearly all Turkey, Agriculture Credit Cooperatives and Beet Cooperatives in Turkey general and worldwide dealers. Because of quality of your products and our technical service network that removes any possible problem.

The quality of your products that are produced in our plant has been approved by TSEK Certificates that was provided by Turkish Standards Institute, Test Reports that was provided by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Agricultural Tools and Machines Test Center, ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certificate also CE Certificates.

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