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5595GM Leende
(المنطقة: Noord-Brabant)
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Represented brands

  • Fliegl
  • Kooiman

وصف الشركة

BuMach is a young and a enthusiastic company that involves itself with everything thats agricultural related, weather it's the mediation of the import/export of a machine, looking for the right equipment of your needs or just a part that your looking for.

- BuMach is your supplier for all the Kooima products -

Kooima is the manufacturer for wear parts on your fourage chopper, combine, header adapters and mixer knives.

Kooima product are made in the USA and their famous on there quality and toughness!

- BuMach is also your dealer for all the Fliegl Agrar, Bau und Communal products -

Think of our highvolume push-off trailers, 11-33Tons, 24-60M3 of volume. with compaction even up to 72m3 in grass silage!

or our highly efficient ASW Gigant with spreader.

Use your push-off trailer as a spreader and make more hours with your equipment!

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