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35743 IZMIR
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About us
Boratas Machinery is a company that specializes in the production of crushing and screening facilities, as well as concrete batching plants. Boratas Machinery was founded in 2003 by Mr. Özcan Yıldırım, the current director of the company. This company is proof that hard work and self-belief makes everything possible. Although this industry is one of the most complicated, Boratas Machinery has been able to overcome all difficulties thus becoming one of the leading companies in Turkey with a workforce and an important know-how.
Thanks to the experience gathered throughout the years, Boratas Machinery has had the opportunity to work with many customers and companies from all over the world. Thus, this company who had started small and could only dream of working with foreign companies, saw its facilities in operating in several countries. This could not have been accomplished without our director who could share his vision with his engineers and employees and made them believe that Boratas Machinery had the ability and the knowledge to be where it is now, an international company who helped many customers all around the globe build their quarries and produce high quality products.
Our mission
We work day and night to become one of the most reputable companies in the industry, making Boratas Machinery not only an international brand but the best crushing and screening company in Turkey.
Our vision
Our vision is to be amongst the first to reach out to when in need of crushing and screening equipments.
Investing in providing high quality solutions to the market is one of the main reasons which makes Boratas Machinery different from its rivals. This investment involves using materials and components of the highest quality supplied by reputable and well known suppliers to produce high-performance and reliable equipment. Furthermore, Boratas Machinery’s workforce includes only highly qualified and skilled personnel. Combining these two factors allows Boratas Machinery to always offer reliable and efficient solutions to the market.
Maintenance and cost reduction
Our engineers are fully engaged in designing easy to operate, easy to manage and above all, easy to maintain equipment. The ease of maintenance not only reduces overall costs by lowering the costs of maintenance and spare parts acquisition, but also increases the productivity and profits significantly by reducing the idle time which results in big loss of time and money.

At Boratas Machinery, we sell machines but offer our services free of charge.
Whether you intend to acquire a crushing and screening plant or just to get information, our engineers are there to assist you and answer all your questions. We are always at your side from the beginning, guiding you to choose the equipment that will best meet your needs, right up to assembly by sending our highly qualified personnel to help with the work and train your technicians and employees on how to use the machines properly for a maximum production capacity.
Our services go beyond the assembly phase, us at Boratas Machinery are always available for any request of our customers.

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