Bini Gru

Via Aldo Moro,62
40050 Castello d'Argile
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Represented brands

  • Effer
  • Easy Lift
  • Cela
  • Comet Officine

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Born in the early 90's we specialize in the commercial sector of the preparations for trucks such as hydraulic cranes, aerial work platforms, tipper equipment, loaders, fixed bodies, dump trucks, aerial work platforms, self-propelled, crawler spider and truck and crawler cranes.

Our hallmark is service 'Turnkey', which includes container, crane, roll-off system and various approvals: basket, platform and bucket. Possible thanks to the detailed design already in the estimate via computer media to 'avant-garde.
You can find used truck crane for all the top brands: Palinger Effer Hiab, Bongiglioli and PM. The brands we represent brands that are leaders in their field, such as: EFFER, CELA, JEKKO,EASY LIFT, all companies certified ISO 9001 We are organized in order to access various systems of financing, such as loans and leases, this in order to propose a payment system customized to the needs of the customer.

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