Taks KKK4111

السعر عند توقيع الطلب
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الماركة/الطرازTaks KKK4111
سنة الصنع2000
موقع الماكينةNieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Nederland
Mascus ID58E46C8B
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VATالسعر عند توقيع الطلب
رقم المخزون الداخلي1855100908
التقييم العام (1-5)5
معلومات أخرىTaks fully automatic system for destacking and loading cucumber box from pipe rail harvesting trolleys.How this machines works:The pipe rail harvesting trolleys are automaticly pushed through the destacking machine by a chain.The fully automatic (cucumber) crates unloading systems unloads the harvesting trolleys and destacks the boxes and puts it on a conveyor.At the end of this conveyor the boxes are tipped to feed the elevator of the sorting machine.This machine can also be used for eggplant and zucchini.This fully automatic system can also be tranfert to use for cardboard boxes of tomatoes.

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