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السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT2,675 EUR
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معلومات أخرىOne of the most essential cultivation procedures, which has a huge impact on both the quality of the crop and future fertility, is rolling. This activity has many benefits, including:
- levelling the field and crushing clods
- improved contact of the seeds with soil
- retention of moisture
- reduction of soil erosion and improvement of its structure
- rolling grazing land, agricultural crop residues and sown crop seeds

The structure of the roller with a single cylinder (mechanically unfolded) is made of profiles measuring 140x140 mm, with wall thickness of 10 mm. The remaining components are made of 15 mm thick steel, which makes the frame considerably more durable. Additionally, the steel used for the production of the roller has increased hardness (S355 steel).

The rollers are equipped with the following types of rings:

• cambridge - used for post-sowing cultivation treatments
• campbell - used for compaction after ploughing
• crosskill - used for crushing clods on th

Namyslo innovative technology

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    Namyslo innovative technology
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