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السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT
3,750 EUR
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT
3,750 EUR
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الماركة/الطرازSID Bedding Bucket / Pailleuse / Futterverteil
سنة الصنع2019
خيارات إضافيةغير مستعمل
موقع الماكينةWincenta 4
Mascus ID7520CF9E
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السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT3,750 EUR
ضريبة المبيعات (23%)862 EUR
السعر شامل ضريبة VAT4,612 EUR
بلد الإنتاجبولندا
معلومات أخرىBedding Bucket / Pailleuse / Cupa de distribuit paie / Futterverteiler Einstreugerät,/ Stroblazer

Bedding bucket / spreading scoop - ideal for cattle and poultry breeding as well as for gardening.

Bedding bucket is equipped with two shafts inside a container, which dose material onto the unloading belt very efficiently. The construction is well-designed in terms of the machine's strength and weight and ensures long use. Cut straw, sand and sawdust can be used to pad cattle pens and chicken coops. In gardening, sawdust and wood chips or compost can be spread. The container has a specially designed shape, thanks to which material collected and dosed does not become suspended.

• Thanks to the reinforced steel construction, the scoop is strong and light.
• Easy and safe operation.
• Universality: designed for dry fodder, corn and cut grass.
• Quick and precise mixing and unloading.

• The machine has the construction of a scoop, terminated on its front with a blade made of abrasion-resistant Hardox steel and moved forward for better and more complete filling.
• Possibility of adjusting the speed of the dosing belt, allowing us to feed not only bulk fodder but also corn silage.
• Inside, two dia. 250 mm shafts are applied, with spikes for mixing and dosing of material.
• A belt doser with dogs is installed on the bottom of the scoop for better ejection of the bedding and uniform spreading onto the base.
• An additional roll installed on the bottom of the scoop facilitates filling with smaller machines.
• The entirety is hydraulically driven from one section, min. demand 30 L/min., max 70 L/min.
• Threaded fastening, enabling quick replacement without cutting and welding.
• Hoses for pressure up to 330 bar included in standard option.
• Fastening according to client’s needs.
• 12-month guarantee.
• Width from 1.2 m to 1.8 m.
• Capacity from 0.85 m3 to 2.1 m3
• Weight from 475 kg to 780 kg
• Powder painting

Specification of bedding bucket 1,2m3
• Working width: 1,2m.
• Total width: 1,55m.
• Weight: 580 kg.
• Capacity: 1,2m3.
• Price: 3750 EUR.

If you would like to ask about any details of this product, or any other in our offer, please visit our site at or make a call to our office +48 577 102 203, +48 730 967 682. Thank you.

SID S.C. P. Banach, M. Rejka

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