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السعر عند توقيع الطلب
السعر عند توقيع الطلب
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الماركة/الطرازRopa Maus 5 C
سنة الصنع2017
موقع الماكينةGrójec
Mascus ID995534A7
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VATالسعر عند توقيع الطلب
رقم التصنيع8H1346
معلومات أخرىAsset Location: Grójec, Poland.

Beet harvesting equipment
Make, model, type ROPA Maus 5c
Serial number 8H1346
Production year 2017
Engine running counter readings 2900.33 mth
Indication of the loading operation counter 1181.44 mth
Mercedes Benz OM 936 engine
260 kW power
Volume 7 201 cm3
Weight: 32.000 kg
Loading distance 15,000 mm
Download width 8,700 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13 350 x 3000 x 4000 mm
Manufacturer ROPA GmbH Germany
Indication of the on-board computer for verification in service conditions:
- low coolant level,
- high fuel pressure,
- fine fuel filter dirty.
Tires consumption 35%
Yellow body with signs of operational mechanical damage, scratches,
chipping paint chips with corrosion centers.
There were no traces of paint repairs.
Damage eligible for replacement / repair:
- transport section apron - cracked,
- cabin electrical system - signs of interference,
- take-up section hydraulic system - unbuttoned,
- counterbalance reflective plates - bent.
No set ignition key.
The machine is equipped with a reversing camera.
- need for thorough verification in service conditions:
- picking section rollers, the left side, 7 pieces, with fastening in the front part,
- picking section rollers, the right side, 7 pieces, with mounting in the front part
- rollers of the intake section in the rear part 1 item
- pick-up skid,
- counterweight work lights,
- headunit panel.

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