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السعر عند توقيع الطلب
السعر عند توقيع الطلب
فيديوهات Willibald EP 5500 Shark
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مجموعة المنتجاتآلات تمزيق المخلفات
الماركة/الطرازWillibald EP 5500 Shark
سنة الصنع2011
ساعات الاستخدام2,500 h
Mascus ID60C70EB7
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VATالسعر عند توقيع الطلب
التقييم العام (1-5)
العرض العامل2.50
رقم التصنيع5500 0611 052
الوزن القائم18,000 كج
فئة الانبعاثالمرحلة IIIA
نوع الحركةمتحرك
محركD 2876 LE 123
Engine ManufacturerMAN
أبعاد النقل (طول×عرض×ارتفاع)9950/2500/4000
بلد الإنتاجألمانيا
شروط التوصيلEXW
معلومات أخرىA mobile WILLIBALD high-performance shredding machine EP 5500 Shark (48 flail rotor) from a machine return due to a new purchase is being offered. We (J. Willibald GmbH) are manufacturers of this machine. The machine is functional and in good used condition.

• 480 HP MAN engine
• Approval according to StVZO for 80 km / h incl. ABS.
• 18 ton chassis
• 48 flail rotor

Including the following options:
• rubber conveyor belt; hydr. foldable (discharge height approx. 4.5 meters)
• Magnetic roller with collecting container
• Central lubrication system
• hydraulic quick-release axle changing device
• Creeper drive
• Reversible fan (reversible fan)
• Radio remote control
• hydr. Support foot (operation via radio)
• Work lights
• Diesel particulate filter
• Filling funnel extension (hydraulic foldable via radio)

A wide variety of biological materials can be processed as required using the innovative shredding system of the EP 5500 Shark. In addition to the main area of ​​application of composting, as well as the increasingly important biomass, the Sharks have also successfully established themselves in the processing of biogas substrates. Furthermore, the "Willibald Sharks" are successfully used for bark and peat processing, as well as for the production of wood chips from residual and waste wood materials (e.g. pallets) for thermal recycling.
The extended rubber conveyor belt is a particular feature of the EP 5500 Shark series. The increased discharge height enables optimal use of limited space and direct loading of container vehicles. The intelligent bending technology of the rubber discharge belt enables three quickly accessible basic positions of the discharge belt:

• the transport position with a compact overall length of the machine of only 9.98m
• the maintenance position with unique accessibility for service and maintenance work
• the working position

Our machinists / users particularly emphasize the performance and outstanding service accessibility as well as the compact design of this series.

Special machine features:

• Unique maintenance position of the discharge belt
• Large intake opening of 90 x 145 cm
• The grain size of the material can be set via radio at any time by changing the distance between rakes
(Counterknives) and rotor
• Retraction speed is proportionally controlled depending on the load (AIC)
• stable comb-like interchangeable rakes (counter blades)

Machine power:
• Usual green waste: up to 220 m³ / h
• Waste wood: up to 130 m³ / h
• Pre-brewed Reclaimed wood: up to 210 m³ / h
• Bark: up to 230 m³ / h

J. Willibald GmbH

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    J. Willibald GmbH
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تم وضع إعلان Willibald EP 5500 Shark آلات تمزيق المخلفات على موقع ماسكوس، السوق العالمي للمعدات المستعملة تفاصيل - التقييم العام (1-5): 3, ساعات الاستخدام: 2,500 h, العرض العامل: 2.50 متر, رقم التصنيع: 5500 0611 052, الوزن القائم: 18,000 كج, فئة الانبعاث: المرحلة IIIA, نوع الحركة: متحرك, محرك: D 2876 LE 123, Engine Manufacturer: MAN, أبعاد النقل (طول×عرض×ارتفاع): 9950/2500/4000 مم, بلد الإنتاج: ألمانيا, شروط التوصيل: EXW