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السعر عند توقيع الطلب
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الماركة/الطرازSany SY500H
سنة الصنع2020
موقع الماكينةHickory, Mississippi
Mascus ID0C918AF5
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VATالسعر عند توقيع الطلب
رقم التصنيعN/A
ناتج المحرك292 kW (397 حصان)
معلومات أخرىDescription: The SY500H is the largest excavator offered by SANY in North America. This machine has the power to handle larger jobs such as pipelines and mining. This is a stout 50 Ton excavator with the reliability and efficiency of a Cummins Tier 4F engine. The removable counterweight system reduces transportation cost and complication. The SY500H easily outshines the competition.

• Equipped with a powerful and efficient Cummins QSG 12 Tier 4f engine with an intelligent hydraulic system to match engine response
• Standard Removable Counterweight system
• X-beam design uses a high strength box-section structure for maximum durability and excellent torsion resistant performance
• Standard with auxiliary hydraulic lines plumbed down to the arm for ready-to-use hydraulic power
• The widened, heated suspension seat was carefully selected based on many hours of operator feedback

First-class components guarantee reliable operation in heavy-duty mining conditions
Powerful engine and large bucket capacity provide fast operation and high efficiency
Removable counterweight reduces travel restrictions and lowers transportation expenses
Ground level maintenance (filters)
Long-life oil and filters extend maintenance cycles and reduce service costs
Optimized cabin for excellent visibility and maximum operator comfort & safety
3 aux circuits (high flow/high pressure circuit, low flow/low pressure circuit, Quick coupler circuit)
In cab touch button auxiliary hydraulic flow adjustment
Rear view camera
Pattern control change valve











Total Weight

52,500 Kg - 115,743 lb

Rated Power

298 kW/2,100 rpm - 400 hp/2,100 rpm

Bucket Digging Force

275 kN - 61,822 lb

Overall Dimensions

Transport Length

39' 10" (12,157 mm)

Transport Width

11' 11" (3640 mm)

Transport Height

12' 4" (3768 mm)

Upper Width

10' 9" (3292 mm)

Cab Height

11' 2" (3423 mm)

Track Shoe Width (standard)

2' 11" (900 mm)

Track Gauge

8' 11" (2740 mm)

Minimum Ground Clearance

1' 10" (560 mm)

Tail Swing Radius

12' 7" (3850 mm)

Length Center Idler to Center Sprocket

14' 5" (4412 mm)

Track Length

17' 10" (5459 mm)

Boom Length

22' 11" (7000 mm)

Arm Length (standard)

12’ 9” (3900 mm)

Working Range

Maximum Digging Height

36' 5" (11,112 mm)

Maximum Dumping Height

25' 8" (7843 mm)

Maximum Digging Depth

27' 1" (8255 mm)

Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth

22' 0" (6725 mm)

Maximum Digging Reach

41' 1" (12,537 mm)

Minimum Swing Radius

17' 2" (5237 mm)

Maximum Height at Minimum Swing Radius

29' 8" (9057 mm)

Machine Parameters

Operating Weight

115,743 lb (52,500 kg)

Engine Type

Cummins QSG12 T4 final

Engine Max Power (Gross)

400 hp (298 kW) ... 2100rpm

Engine Max Torque

1501 lbf-ft (2034 Nm) ... 1400 rpm

Engine Displacement

720 in³ (11.8 liter)

Main Pump Flow

2x 95 gpm (360 lpm)

Swing Speed

8.0 rpm

Travel Speed

1.9/3.4 mph (3.1/5.4 km/h)

Tractive Effort

75,086 lbf-ft (334 kN)

Max Arm Digging Force (ISO)

46,535 lbf-ft (207 kN)

Number of Upper Rollers


Number of Lower Rollers


Fuel Tank Capacity

180 gal (680 liter)

DEF Tank Capacity

14.7 gal (56 liter)

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

127 gal (480 liter)

Cooling System Capacity

13.0 gal (50 liter)

Engine Oil Capacity

9.0 gal (33 liter)

Ground Pressure (31.5”/800mm shoes)

8.6 psi (59 kPa)
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Inventory Location: Traxplus - Hickory,MS
ROPS: Enclosed


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