Manitex 50128SHL

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الماركة/الطرازManitex 50128SHL
سنة الصنع2018
موقع الماكينةSyracuse, New York
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Mascus ID385EEE1B
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VATالسعر عند توقيع الطلب
ناتج المحرك368 kW (500 حصان)
معلومات أخرىEngine Manufacturer: Cummins
Odometer: 0 Miles
Description: 2018 Manitex 50128SHL

Standard Equipment:
*2-speed Hoist w/ Grooved Drum, Roller Tensioner, Piston Motor
*4-Load Sheave Quick Reeve Boom Head
*Externally Wired Anti-Two Block w/ Lock out
*Boom Hoist Cylinder
*System Pressure Gauge
*360° Area of Operation
*Continuous Rotation
*Tilting Cab w/ heater & windshield Cover & Upper
Cab Guard
*Removable Boom Rest
*Engine Start/Stop
*Combined Free Swing and Non-Free Swing
*Hydraulic Rotation Drum Indicator
*Electronic Throttle
*3-Section, Vane Pump – Counter Clockwise standard
*Operator’s Service/Parts Manuals
*Boom Length and Angle Indicators
*Engine Monitoring System
*7 Ton (6.3 mt) Hook and Ball
*500’ (122m) or 500’ (152m), 5/8/” (16mm) diameter Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
*Audible Outrigger Motion Alarm
*115 Gallon (435 L) or 150 Gal (568L)Hyd Reservoir w/Suction Strainer & Ball Valve
*Turret, Rotation Bearing & Swing System –
Mechanical Houselock
*New Load Moment Indicator-Full Visual/Audio Capacity Alert w/Shutoff
* ROC Solid outriggers; 4 Out-and-Down Outriggers, 22’ (6.71m) Over-all Spread. Features a Hand Held Radio Operated Controller and Includes Capacities for Intermediate 13’4” (4.05m) and retracted 7’2” (2.18m) Spreads
*Remote Winch Controls included with Hand Held Radio Controller for the outriggers
*Outrigger Monitoring System – Verification Only
*Front Bumper Stabilizer – for short lower frame configurations only
*2 Retractable Ladders for Easy Access to deck
*Diamond Plated Aluminum Decking
*Aluminum Step Ladder Deck Mounted, multi-position
*Oil Cooler
*Bubble Level
*Signal Horn

Optional Equipment Included:
• 128' Five Section Telescopic Boom
• HL Counterweight Package
• 32’ retracted to 49' extended Tele Offset Hard Wired ATB
• 35 ton 3-sheave Block for 2-7 part line
• Dinamic Aux Winch with Wire Rope and Rooster Sheave
• 35 ton 3-Sheave Block hook Block for 2-7 Part Line
• Air Conditioning for Cab
• Aluminum Tool Box (48" X 24" X 24") Chassis Mount

Mounted on 2018 Peterbilt 365 Tridem
- 500 HP ISX12 Cummins Engine
- Fuller RTLO 16918B 18 Speed Transmission
- Aluminum Outer Wheels
- 90 Galon Aluminum Fuel Tank
- Stainless Steel Heated Mirrors
- 20,000lb Front Axle
- 69,000lb Tri Drive Axle
- 261" Wheelbase
- 69,920 Total Weight (15,460lb front axle / 54,460lb tri drive axle)

Call 1-800-342-7575 for a quote or more information.
Inventory Location: Syracuse, NY

Empire Crane Co., L.L.C.

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