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السعر عند توقيع الطلب
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مجموعة المنتجاتأخرى
الماركة/الطرازBarko 80XLE
سنة الصنع2018
موقع الماكينةHickory, Mississippi
Mascus ID716B2A80
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رقم التصنيعUNKNOWN
معلومات أخرىDescription: Power Source

The 80XL is powered by a customer-supplied PTO.

Boom Construction

Wider, all-welded boom construction with fabricated box type design includes engineered sweeping curves for added strength and increased fatigue resistance.

Dedicated Swing Motor

A triple gear pump produces up to 62 gallons per minute, with one pump section dedicated to the planetary swing drive that allows simultaneous operation of the boom and swing system without losing flow.

360-Degree Rotation

Rotary manifold allows for 360-degree continuous boom rotation and provides electrical and hydraulic power to the lower frame.

Hydraulic Valves

Sectional control type valves come with folding mechanical joysticks.

Zinc Plated Pins

Extra large zinc plated pins and bolts provide added durability in high-stress areas.

Bolt-On Cylinder Glands

Bolt-on cylinder glands make on-site service easy, while seal rings extend product life. Cylinders are made of heavy-duty steel tubing, and heavy chrome cylinder rods are heat-treated for added strength.

Operator Platform

Comfortable operator platform includes a locking, fold-down seat with armrests. The rotating platform includes beneath-the-seat style valve mounting and foot swing pedal.

Standard Accessories

Mounting bolts and support plates are supplied. Loader is also equipped with load securing posts and dual ladders with non-slip treading.


Telescopic stabilizers, controlled from the platform or the ground, help keep loads steady.
Inventory Location: TraxPlus


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