Javac - 6,3 KVA - Generator - Kwaliteit - Gedempte kast

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1,250 EUR
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الماركة/الطرازJavac - 6,3 KVA - Generator - Kwaliteit - Gedempte kast
سنة الصنع2018
خيارات إضافيةغير مستعمل
موقع الماكينة2920
Mascus ID4CFCA3E9
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السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT1,250 EUR
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محركJavac OEM
ناتج المحرك5 kW (7 حصان)
الخارج6.30 كيلو فولت أمبير
التردد50 هرتز
سعة الصهريج18 لتر
الوزن القائم174 كج
أبعاد النقل (طول×عرض×ارتفاع)950 x 520 x 750
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Product description:
The SDE-6500 diesel generator is available in 230 or 400 volt versions and is equipped with a Yamazaki (Japan) engine.
Unlike the cheap Chinese copy, this generator has a warranty of 2 years or 1000 running hours, which comes first, our mechanics are trained in the factory to maintain these gems of technology.
We also stock all parts to even the smallest parts of the engine.
Our generators, the DSE series are distinguished by: engine equipped with balance and counterbalance, Japanese ball bearings, Bosch injector, a real dynamo on the flywheel, engine with hardened valves and an oil sensor that automatically stops the engine when there is an oil shortage.
As soon as the engine has run for a while, you will notice that emission is extremely clean.
The alternator is over sized and wrapped in red electrolysis copper, and not ALU.
The AVR controller regulates the torque and maintains even in the case of imbalance in the current collection (for heavy non-linear loads such as welding, compressors, etc., you are better off with the Nanomag genset).
The starter / bendix guarantees you to start frequently without loss.
You will already have noticed that our generators are equipped with a mandatory loss current switch, earthing connection, and a digital safety group with ditto hour counter.
The mono phase version is equipped with 3 sockets 230 volts and for the power current version it is equipped with a 16 AMP 5-pin plug, + 2 x 230 volt mono sockets.
All this in a unique and extremely maintenance-friendly housing, of which the roof can be opened so that there is good access to all components.
This makes maintenance very easy.
Supported by 4 sturdy wheels that can easily weigh 185 kg (with full tank).
At 65 dBa at 7 meters, noise is within the ARAB / AREI standard for shipyards.
The maintenance is limited to an oil change every 300 to 400 hours.
Preferably use 5W / 40 full synthetic oil and use only the white or red diesel for tractors.
Technical data:
Model: SDE-6500-A
Warranty 2 years or 1000 running hours which comes first.
Open roof construction for easy maintenance.
Equipped with, loss current switch.
Electronic security monitoring.
Electrically started with Duracell Battery.
Equipped with 4 sturdy wheels.
Stoved in weather-resistant coating.
Product of Yamazaki (Japan).
Equipped with Bosch injection piece.
Important: Bearings NSK Japan.
Double motor balancer for soft running.
Contact us without obligation for more information.
Also available:
SDE-6500-B: 220V-380V version = 1450 Euro
Warranty 2 years or 500 operating hours (whichever occurs first)
Also takeover or trade-in of your old generator.
All our appliances are new !
All prices are excluding 21% VAT.
Nanoweld BVBA
JAVAC Kalmthout
Kwade Weide 1
BE-2920 Kalmthout
Office: +32 (0) 36664417
Mobile: +32 (0) 476376004
Fax: +32 (0) 36663518
Opening hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am ~ 12:00 & 1:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm
(by appointment also Saturday)
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John Deere2318
تم وضع إعلان Javac - 6,3 KVA - Generator - Kwaliteit - Gedempte kast مولدات ديزل على موقع ماسكوس، السوق العالمي للمعدات المستعملة تفاصيل - محرك: Javac OEM, ناتج المحرك: 5 kW (7 حصان), الخارج: 6.30 كيلو فولت أمبير, التردد: 50 هرتز, سعة الصهريج: 18 لتر, الوزن القائم: 174 كج, أبعاد النقل (طول×عرض×ارتفاع): 950 x 520 x 750 مم