ROCO R9 Jaw Crusher

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سنة الصنع2018
ساعات الاستخدام10 h
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Mascus IDDDE2C44F
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معلومات أخرىR9 Jaw Crusher is designed with the small quarry operator and demolition industry in mind with all the important things you need incorporated into one machine. The ROCO R9 Jaw Crusher is just under 20 Ton and 2.5M wide meaning it can be easily transported around cities & built up urban areas. It can be hauled on a Standard Trailer, Curtainsider or Low Loader Without Road Permits.

The Game Changer with the R9 is that it can also work indoors as it has Plug-In facility meaning it can be powered completely from permanent 3 phase power supply on site, meaning no engine noise, fumes and silent operation indoors or out! With dust suppression system installed as standard it is the ideal choice for working on dusty demolition sites.

The compact ROCO R9 design has a pre screening vibrating grizzly feeder as standard and side/dirt conveyor option, which is ideal for separating fine material. With reverse crushing facility the R9 can handle soft materials e.g. Asphalt & limestone preventing blockages in the crushing chamber, While also being able to deal with the day to day crushing of any hard rock application, coal, aggregates, bricks and blocks with ease.

Please take a moment to read our Full spec sheet and see for yourself that the ROCO R9 is ready to take on the biggest of challenges when it comes to crushing.

Get in contact with us today to discuss any further information that you may require or to make a Viewing on any of our ROCO range, It’s Time! GO ROCO

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