Kubota KX41-3V ORIGINAL RG138-6129-1

السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT
795 EUR
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT
795 EUR
معلومات أساسية عن
مجموعة المنتجاتأجهزة نقل
الماركة/الطرازKubota KX41-3V ORIGINAL RG138-6129-1
سنة الصنع2020
خيارات إضافيةغير مستعمل
موقع الماكينةMAARHEEZE
Mascus ID6EBF6B8F
اختيار عملة
السعر غير شامل ضريبة VAT795 EUR
ضريبة المبيعات (21%)167 EUR
السعر شامل ضريبة VAT962 EUR
رقم المخزون الداخليRG138-6129-1
رقم التصنيعRG138-6129-1
التقييم العام (1-5)
معرف الجزءRG138-6129-1
وزن النقل18 كج
معلومات أخرىVTS Track Solutions has specialised in the supply of alternative OEM drives/travel motors for most crawler crane and tracked vehicle makes. In view of our broad experience in the field of complete tracked undercarriage construction, we are able to provide a suitable travel drive for your machine at lower costs. The dimensions and hydraulic specifications of the drive are often similar to the original. If no suitable drive is available, the construction of the undercarriage or drive sprocket can be modified simply.
VTS supplies travel motors for makes including Rexroth, Bonfigioli, Doosan Mottrol, Brevini, Jeil, Kayaba, Nachi, Nabtesco, Teijn Seiki, Eaton, Trasmital Bonfiglioli, Daikin, High-Dash and O&K.
VTS Track Solutions is part of a group of companies with 60 years of experience in construction. We are a stable Dutch organisation that has grown to become a worldwide player, thanks to our reputation for a hands-on mentality, personal service and high quality. We are internationally oriented and well aware of all technological and market developments, in order to match our VTS products and our knowledge to your needs and requirements. All our partners are selected with care and all products are fully tested and inspected.
Strengths of VTS Track Solutions B.V.:
• ISO 9001:2015-certified
• always a competitive price
• large stocks in own warehouses
• specialised in custom solutions and always offers an appropriate solution
• excellent and fast distribution worldwide
• highly-trained staff
• large network
• repair department on site with hydraulic parts
• hydraulic testing department on site
• service department on site
• guarantee

We are reliable, independent, committed and easy to reach. You can always count on a fast response from us. Feel free to contact us for information or advice.

VTS Track Solutions

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    VTS Track Solutions
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    • اللغات: الألمانية، الإنجليزية، الفرنسية، الهولندية
    • Den Engelsman 1، 6026 RB Maarheeze، (المنطقة: Noord-Brabant)، هولندا


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تم وضع إعلان Kubota KX41-3V ORIGINAL RG138-6129-1 أجهزة نقل على موقع ماسكوس، السوق العالمي للمعدات المستعملة تفاصيل - رقم المخزون الداخلي: RG138-6129-1, رقم التصنيع: RG138-6129-1, التقييم العام (1-5): 5, معرف الجزء: RG138-6129-1, وزن النقل: 18 كج, Guarantee: 5